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Lots of Typical Canadians

Our heart is that the Lord would gospelize, truthize and churchize all of Ontario, the most populous province in Canada. How marvelous it will be when the Lord has church trees in all its major cities and towns. As churches are established in these localities we pray that each will be truly representative of the community. For this, we need to preach the gospel to typical Canadians, teaching them and bringing them into the full knowledge of the truth. Of course, communities differ and so “typical” will mean something different in each town or city.

A very exciting prospect at the upcoming Ontario International Plowing Match (IPM) is that we will be meeting many “typical Canadians,” especially from smaller cities and towns. We are sure that among them are many who are hungry for the reality of God and for the riches of the Word. That’s why we are looking forward to distributing bibles and literature from Bibles for Canada, along with tracts, booklets and pamphlets from the ministry.

We ask you, our readers, to pray that the Lord would direct many “typical Canadians” to our table at the IPM. If you are at the IPM and want to drop by and chat, you can find us at lot 2B-22.

Grace to you all!


Distributing Bibles for the Lord’s Spread


From Sept.18 through Sept.22, a number of us will be distributing bibles at Ontario’s bi-annual, International Plowing Match (IPM).  Weather permitting, there as many as 100,000 visitors over the 5-day period are expected. Most of them will be from Ontario, others from nearby provinces and U.S. states.

We are praying that the Lord will bring many hungry and seeking believers to receive a Bible and/or literature. We also hope to preach the gospel to unbelievers and have a glorious harvest of newly saved people whom we can present to the Lord.

Ultimately, we are looking to the Lord that He will gain many seekers  from localities all over Ontario and that those contacts will lead to the planting of new church trees in the towns and cities, represented.

The IPM will be held in Roseville, Ontario, right next to and south of Kitchener. If you would like to serve as a volunteer, let us know by registering at the following database: Volunteers.

Please pray for this time!


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