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Clear Sky and Open Flood Gate

Blessings for Hamilton

Clear Sky-Open Flood Gate

The Lord has truly has cleared the sky and opened the flood gate of blessing in Hamilton through the prayer of the churches and coordination in the Body.

People Are Open

In the past three days over 23 full timers (8 from FTTA, 3 from Vancouver, 4 from Montreal, 6 from Toronto, 2 from Long Beach)  and local part-timers (5 from Hamilton, 4 from St. Catharines, 15 from Toronto) joined our prayer and distribution at a local prep school, McMaster University, and Mohawk College.
People are very open! Beside the 475 Bibles given out, over 10 received the Lord and over 40 follow-up appointments were made at the campuses. We would like to  saturate the campuses with the Bible and gain proper and useful vessels for the Lord’s recovery.

More Prayer is Needed

This is not to say there was no opposition.  We need much more prayer in the Body to protect and shield us from the enemy. We thank the churches for praying for us in the past few days but would ask for more prayers from the saints, on a daily basis, as the Lord leads them.

Mohawk College

We spent our third day at Mohawk Community College.  From 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, we had a table in the building, and distributed a total of 259 Bibles. Of these recipients, 111 requested follow-up contact.  The number of recipients who prayed to receive the Lord or called upon His name have yet to be confirmed. Also, the number of local saints participating also need to be confirmed.

So Far

This brings our 3 day total to 473 Bibles distributed, with 197 requesting further contact.


Bibles distributed

Wanting F/U

Jan. 28 (Day 1)



Jan. 29 (Day 2)



Jan. 30 (Day 3)






Those wanting some type of follow-up were classified as:

  • Warmest  (appointments made)
  • Warm
  • Not as interested

The warmest numbered 40 contacts who made appointments with the team members. We will have follow-up and appointments today.

On Friday, we will be going to Fairview Mall in St. Catharines.

Brothers and sisters, please keep praying!

–report from D.Chou



More Good News From Around the World

From Lubbock, Texas to Sumare, Brazil and Beyond!

Gospel Teams Labouring and God is Sending the Rain

Thank the Lord for His move in so many places. The gospel teams are labouring joyfully and daily are seeing much fruit among the Bible recipients and the contacts hearing the word of the gospel.

Many Seeking Ones and Christians Asking for More Contact

The teams already are following up their first contacts with appointments with many seeking ones. We are praying that the appointments will lead to on-going Bible studies and home meetings. May these be gained as remaining fruit for the Lord and for His eternal purpose.

Follow the latest reports through the following link: Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 5 – Jan 30, 2013

McMaster University Wide Open

McMaster Union Student Centre

McMaster Union Student Centre

Very Positive Response

Many Bibles Given Out and Many Contacts Made

Today we descended upon McMaster University Student Centre and had a very positive response from the students. 187 Bibles were given out and 71 want more contact.

Lots of Follow-up to Do

Several appointments for follow-up were made for the next few days. Some of them are with more than one person, some in homes, and some with other Christian groups.

Atmosphere Positive and Sweet

The atmosphere was very positive with one Christian on campus expressing her happiness with what we were doing.

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—report from R.Spee

Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens

Update on What the Lord has Done Around the Earth

Follow along in the attached report to see what is happening in cities in South America, Europe, Africa and North America.

Please note that some of the accounts and prayer requests are for upcoming events.

Consequently, we can join the Gospel Teams, by prayer, to be part of the Lord’s move in these places.

Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 4 – Jan 29, 2013

Initial GTCA Coordination

Fellowship For God’s Move

Coordination is a Matter of Being in Spirit

[January 28,2013]  This morning Bro. Michael Stewart  shared that we should spend considerable time every morning, individually and corporately, to exercise our spirit because there is no coordination if we are not in spirit.

He encouraged everyone to open their mouth and not remain a mystery. It is so important to exercise our spirit by opening our mouth to pray.

Coordination Requires Practical Oneness

We also need to be those who are one with the brothers and help each other to stay or return to our spirit. Learn to go the extra mile to fellowship with one another.

We are here to be one in our spirit and be one with the brothers because the Lord blesses the oneness. We are also learning to fellowship with one another for the sake of the Lord’s testimony. For example, if you are going to be late send a text. If you want to do something don’t just disappear, fellowship.

We are also here to help one another to be in spirit and to return to our spirit. In our unscheduled time we would like to read, The Proper Aggressiveness of the Lord’s Serving Ones. We could read 4 chapters a week in small groups. We can all benefit from the overflow of each other’s enjoyment.

Coordination in Prayer More Important Than Activities

We can be fully organized, we can have the best schedule, the best venues and the best material but it is the Lord who brings the person around the corner to meet us,  just at the right time.  We need to pray for sinners to be saved and for the proper and useful ones to be gained for His move. We need to learn to press on in our prayer to pray until we pray through the matter. Many of us are not used to that but we need to take back the ground from the enemy, in this matter of prayer.

Coordination Involves a Fight

We are in a fight. The enemy does not want God’s move in Hamilton and St. Catharines to happen.  So, we must fight.

How?  Rev.12:11 says “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony and they loved not their soul life unto death.”  This means that we overcome by confessing to the Lord and sometimes to one another; by being in the word to be constituted with the truth; and by not caring for our soul’s preferences and desires.  The best way to not love our soul life is to love our spirit. –report from R.Spee

So let us pray to be in the realm of our spirit, through this whole two-week period.

Update on GTCA in North America

The Lord’s Current Move in the World

FTTA Gospel Trips

Read the following report from the Full Time Training Office.

Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 3 – Jan 28, 2013

First Lord’s Day for GTCA Team

Blending Time On Lord’s Day

Team Blends with church in Toronto and saints from Target Cities

On the morning of January 27, the visiting gospel Team joined the churches from the greater Toronto area and the saints from the GTCA target cities for a rich enjoyment of Christ at the meeting hall in Toronto.

Introduction to Daniel and Zechariah

After the Lord’s Table, Brother David Chou from Irvine, California shared an opening word to launch the digestion of the winter training on Daniel and Zechariah and to share the burden for prayer for GTCA.  He began by quoting the inscription on Brother Lee’s tomb.

“The processed and consummated Triune God according to the desire of His heart…is building Himself into His chosen people and building His chosen people into Himself… The New Jerusalem is the unique and ultimate consummation of His unique work. ..”

He continued by sharing: “For the coming 12 weeks, we will pursue the Crystallization of Daniel and Zechariah.  In spite of God’s desire, God’s people became fallen and degraded but God did not give them up. In Daniel, we see the divine history within the human history.  In Zechariah, God is gaining His miraculous structure of treasure. The divine history is just Christ and the church. This Christ is the excellent One as the centrality and universality of God’s economy and the precious and pre-eminent One in God’s move. In everything He desires that we would give Him the pre-eminence in our personal universe.”

“Daniel and his companions had an excellent spirit because they exercised to pray and as a result God revealed what was in His heart to Daniel. We are at the consummation of this great human image that God revealed to Daniel. We desire to be the overcomers today to coöperate with Him to end this age.  In Zechariah, He is the stone with seven eyes. We need to pay the price to buy the oil to become sons of fresh oil so that the lampstand can burn brighter.

“We want to continue with 21 days of prayer. We need to break through the outer man to enter into the holy of holies to be one with Christ for His expression. Then we need to continue to pray by going to the incense altar to pray kingdom prayers to deal with Satan for God’s dominion on the earth.”

 A Concluding Word on Daniel and Zechariah

After several saints shared their enjoyment of this first week of the HWMR, Brother Michael Stewart, from Long Beach, California shared a concluding word, beginning with the last paragraph on Day 6, “We all need to learn three things: that this universe is under God’s administration; that God’s intention in His administration is to make Christ pre-eminent, to cause Him to have the first place in everything; and that for the accomplishment of God’s intention, we, His people, His elect, must give Him the best coordination and coöperation. Through our coordination and coöperation, God will consummate His eternal intention to make Christ pre-eminent through the rule of the heavens” (LS of Daniel, pp. 77-78).

 The Burden to Gospelize, Truthize and Churchize North America

“Three years ago the brothers received a burden to gospelize, truthize, and churchize America. This is a 10 year  plan to raise up 5000 new satins and 250 new churches. Two years ago, we went to Guelph and Hamilton and this year we are going again to Hamilton and St. Catharines. We can take part in at least three ways, by going, by giving, and by praying. We are taking the lead to coöperate with the Lord through GTCA, like Daniel in Dan. 6:10.”

Man’s Prayer to Carry Out God’s Economy

He read footnote on Dan. 6:7 –  “The centre of this chapter is man’s prayer for the carrying out of God’s economy. Through His faithful channels of prayer God carries out His economy with His elect for Christ’s coming. God desires to carry out His economy, but man is needed to pray for His economy on earth. Satan’s strategy is to frustrate the prayer that is for God’s move. The intention of the chief ministers and satraps was to destroy Daniel, but the intention of Satan, who was behind them was to cut off the channel of prayer that God was using for the carrying out of His economy.”

“Daniel prayed for 21 days and his prayers were heard in the heavens, but they were opposed. Behind the physical situation there is a spiritual warfare. Two years ago, in Guelph especially, there was strong opposition. We have no way except through your prayers. The key to success is thorough and adequate prayer, even it would be good if some would pray three times a day like Daniel did. “Lord, we want You to have the pre-eminence in Hamilton.  Lord, strengthen Your lampstand in St. Catharines. Amen, Lord.”

 Love Feast

After the Lord’s table and prophesying meeting in Toronto,  we had a love feast at the hall with the saints from out-of-town including saints from St. Catharines and Hamilton who then transported the Team to their hospitality in those two cities.

Praise the Lord! Amen! Hallelujah!

–report from R. Spee


A Report on First Day of GTCA

First Day of GTCA

Getting into the Spirit and Praying for the GTCA

This morning at the meeting hall in Toronto about 50 of us enjoyed PSRPing the first banner from the winter training together and then 2 x 2 and then declaring in 1s, 2s, 3s, followed by prayer for GTCA – “We need a vision to see that the excellent Christ, the centrality and universality of God’s economy, is the precious and pre-eminent One in God’s move, that as the Son of Man in ascension He has received dominion and a kingdom, and that His coming will terminate human government and bring in the eternal kingdom of God.”

God’s Move in Toronto

Then Bro. David Wang gave a history of some men of God who were raised up in Toronto such as brothers A. W. Tozer and J. Oswald Smith and the Peoples church, which was visited by Bro. Witness Lee. In 1968 Bro. Lee visited Toronto and he stayed at YMCA and invited the saints to have the Lord’s table with the bread and wine already prepared. In 1971 Bro. Lee came to Toronto and held a conference at Glendon campus of York University, at which time about 20 new Caucasians were gained from a Mennonite background, which was a new start for the church life here.

Bibles for Canada Radio Ads

Bro. Mark Chiang gave an update on the Bibles for Canada ads on the radio. So far about 50 requests for Bibles have been received. One small congregation of 20 requested  us to come to their anniversary celebration to distribute Bibles tomorrow.  Some local saints will deliver Bibles in Mississauga this afternoon.  report from R. Spee

(More reports to follow)

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A. W. Tozer

A Fresh Sowing

A Fresh Sowing in Hamilton and St.Catharines

GTCA in 2011

Two years ago, the Lord brought together a team of FTTA trainees, full-timers and local saints to descend upon the cities of Guelph and Hamilton, where hundreds of Bibles were distributed, the gospel was preached and God’s economy was shared.  Though it was  an especially cold winter and the snow came down heavily on some of the days, the team was full of grace and power as they shared with many seeking ones.

The results were encouraging, as seeking families, young working adults and college students heard and received the word spoken by the team members. Several of these contacts opened their homes to us or made appointments for follow up visits. A handful, especially from Hamilton, have remained in contact with the saints there to this day.

GTCA in 2013

Next week a new team, comprising new FTTA trainees, a number of full timers from Montreal and southern California and many local volunteers from the target cities and the hub city,Toronto, will once again come to Gospelize, Truthize, and Churchize this part of North America, i.e., Hamilton and St. Catharines.

Embracing the Ministry of Prayer

Although, this GTCA move will not involve all of us in the surrounding localities directly, we can participate in a very crucial way: WE CAN ALL PRAY! God is ready to release Himself into His chosen ones, but He is waiting for something. According to Ezekiel 36:37:

Thus says the Lord Jehovah, Moreover for this I will be inquired of by the house of Israel to do it for them; I will increase them with men like a flock.

God is ready to increase His testimony in these two cities, but He wants us to ask Him to do it. May we all pick this burden to inquire of Him:

  • to empower the Team members with the in-filling and out-filling of the Holy Spirit
  • to keep all the Team members in the sweet one accord
  • to send the seven-fold intensified Spirit into the hearts of people
  • to arrange that the chosen ones be at the right place and time to meet the right team member and to hear the right word
  • to grant the saints a strong and effective coordination in all the practical matters
  • to keep all the Team members in good health and free from the attacks of the enemy
  • to push back and shame the evil one and his followers in the air in these two cities

Let us pray first, before anything else, and see the Lord move!

For more information on Hamilton and the Lord’s move in the rest of North America,  go to the following links:

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