A Report on First Day of GTCA

First Day of GTCA

Getting into the Spirit and Praying for the GTCA

This morning at the meeting hall in Toronto about 50 of us enjoyed PSRPing the first banner from the winter training together and then 2 x 2 and then declaring in 1s, 2s, 3s, followed by prayer for GTCA – “We need a vision to see that the excellent Christ, the centrality and universality of God’s economy, is the precious and pre-eminent One in God’s move, that as the Son of Man in ascension He has received dominion and a kingdom, and that His coming will terminate human government and bring in the eternal kingdom of God.”

God’s Move in Toronto

Then Bro. David Wang gave a history of some men of God who were raised up in Toronto such as brothers A. W. Tozer and J. Oswald Smith and the Peoples church, which was visited by Bro. Witness Lee. In 1968 Bro. Lee visited Toronto and he stayed at YMCA and invited the saints to have the Lord’s table with the bread and wine already prepared. In 1971 Bro. Lee came to Toronto and held a conference at Glendon campus of York University, at which time about 20 new Caucasians were gained from a Mennonite background, which was a new start for the church life here.

Bibles for Canada Radio Ads

Bro. Mark Chiang gave an update on the Bibles for Canada ads on the radio. So far about 50 requests for Bibles have been received. One small congregation of 20 requested  us to come to their anniversary celebration to distribute Bibles tomorrow.  Some local saints will deliver Bibles in Mississauga this afternoon.  report from R. Spee

(More reports to follow)

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