Farm Hands Needed

A Call for Labourers

Hamilton & St.Catharines

As we enter the last day of the two-week gospel trip in Hamilton, there is a strong sense of ambivalence. On the one hand, having distributed Bibles to well over 600 people there is a feeling of satisfaction at having reached so many. On the other hand, having 248 of these recipients show a willingness for more contact leaves us with a sense that the work has only just begun.

Added to that is the enemy who will not take these events lying down and will do his best to frustrate the results. So there is a desperate cry that the Lord of the harvest will intervene to help the saints in Hamilton and St. Catharines and the churches in the surrounding area to rise up to meet the need to shepherd all these desiring more contact.  Oh Lord, send your Spirit to supply these desiring follow-up and call the saints in southern Ontario to come forward to meet this great need.

Other Cities

The need for follow-up is crucial in all the cities, around the world, where the gospel teams have laboured. The Lord has blessed us with fruit abundant, but now we must rise up in prayer to intercede as Isaiah 45:11 tells we should:

Thus says Jehovah, The Holy One of Israel and the One who formed him, Ask Me about the things to come concerning My sons, And concerning the work of My hands, command Me.

Dear Lord, from our hearts we ask, what about all these who wish more contact? Lord in all reverence, we command you to release the labourers who can shepherd these dear new believers and seeking Christians,  to keep and keep them.

Please read the details in the latest report: Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 12 – Feb 7, 2013 (1)

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