For What the Lord Has Done

Heartfelt Thanks

The results of the recent gospel trips to Hamilton and St. Catharines have elicited real heartfelt gratitude from the saints in those cities. They are grateful for the prayer support they received from so many churches in other localities. During the two-week period 608 bibles were given out and some 248 people requested further contact. That amounts to 4 out of ten bible recipients.

The Work of Many

These results were not produced by one or two people. Rather some 80 saints, including trainees from the FTTA, full-timers from Montreal and southern California and local saints from Hamilton, St. Catharines and Toronto volunteered anywhere from one day to the entire two-week period. This was a testimony of the supply that can be found in the Body of Christ.

Not only were these involved, but many others supported the work of the trainees through financial support. Others devoted their time to organizing and providing logistical support. The outpouring of time, concern and finances was remarkable. The churches’ cooperation in the Lord’s move was clearly manifested in their praying, sending and giving.

Thank the Lord for those who were always available to fellowship, pray and help in any way they could. Through such support, the saints in Hamilton and St.Catharines were supplied and enjoyed wonderful coordination and fellowship. The saints in these two cities felt they were not labouring alone but what happened in the last two weeks was altogether in the one Body.

The Full-Time Trainees

Finally, it must said, that having the full-time trainees at a significant part of the gospel team was a great encouragement and testimony of what the Lord is doing in our young people today. The way they conducted themselves, cared for the local young people and the burden they bore in Bible distribution, gospel preaching and follow-up of the positive ones was truly impressive.

Thank and praise the Lord for His marvelous doings.

What Next

As the saints in Hamilton and St. Catharines move forward, they are still praying that the Lord will burden some to migrate there to help strengthen His testimony, as well as care for the bible recipients. Toronto will be sending some saints to help in the labour in Hamilton

Please continue to pray for this area, that the two localities would have a healthy increase in life and in number.

— based on a letter by the brothers in Hamilton and St.Catharines

Other News

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