For What the Lord Has Done

Heartfelt Thanks

The results of the recent gospel trips to Hamilton and St. Catharines have elicited real heartfelt gratitude from the saints in those cities. They are grateful for the prayer support they received from so many churches in other localities. During the two-week period 608 bibles were given out and some 248 people requested further contact. That amounts to 4 out of ten bible recipients.

The Work of Many

These results were not produced by one or two people. Rather some 80 saints, including trainees from the FTTA, full-timers from Montreal and southern California and local saints from Hamilton, St. Catharines and Toronto volunteered anywhere from one day to the entire two-week period. This was a testimony of the supply that can be found in the Body of Christ.

Not only were these involved, but many others supported the work of the trainees through financial support. Others devoted their time to organizing and providing logistical support. The outpouring of time, concern and finances was remarkable. The churches’ cooperation in the Lord’s move was clearly manifested in their praying, sending and giving.

Thank the Lord for those who were always available to fellowship, pray and help in any way they could. Through such support, the saints in Hamilton and St.Catharines were supplied and enjoyed wonderful coordination and fellowship. The saints in these two cities felt they were not labouring alone but what happened in the last two weeks was altogether in the one Body.

The Full-Time Trainees

Finally, it must said, that having the full-time trainees at a significant part of the gospel team was a great encouragement and testimony of what the Lord is doing in our young people today. The way they conducted themselves, cared for the local young people and the burden they bore in Bible distribution, gospel preaching and follow-up of the positive ones was truly impressive.

Thank and praise the Lord for His marvelous doings.

What Next

As the saints in Hamilton and St. Catharines move forward, they are still praying that the Lord will burden some to migrate there to help strengthen His testimony, as well as care for the bible recipients. Toronto will be sending some saints to help in the labour in Hamilton

Please continue to pray for this area, that the two localities would have a healthy increase in life and in number.

— based on a letter by the brothers in Hamilton and St.Catharines

Other News

Here is more news from around the world.

Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 14 – Feb 11, 2013 (1)


Labouring Til the End

Labouring in a Manner Worthy of the Gospel

Sowing Time Coming to an End

We have arrived at the end of the two-week sowing time during which gospel teams visited cities around the world to preach the gospel and distribute free study Bibles and Christian literature.  Still, to this last day, there are teams putting on seminars, going out on visits of recently made contacts and phoning others to arrange for follow-up.

Handing Off to the Local Saints

In most of the cities that were visited, the team members are working with local saints to insure that the contacts, desiring more fellowship, are cared for after the team departs. The prayer and coordination for this has been a real blessing to all involved.

All labouring brothers and sisters, both visiting and local, worked together for these last two weeks, learning to drop their differences and opinions, conducting themselves, as Paul said in Philippians 1:27, “in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ…standing firm in one spirit, with one soul striving together along with the faith of the gospel

The Body of Christ Built Up

We are grateful to the Lord that the gospel was preached, many were saved, seeking ones were fed, new circles of fellowship were established and even churches were raised up, as a result of these last two weeks.  Furthermore, we participated in more building up of the Body of Christ.  Hallelujah!

Please read the 13th report of the Gospel Trips: Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 13 – Feb 8, 2013

Farm Hands Needed

A Call for Labourers

Hamilton & St.Catharines

As we enter the last day of the two-week gospel trip in Hamilton, there is a strong sense of ambivalence. On the one hand, having distributed Bibles to well over 600 people there is a feeling of satisfaction at having reached so many. On the other hand, having 248 of these recipients show a willingness for more contact leaves us with a sense that the work has only just begun.

Added to that is the enemy who will not take these events lying down and will do his best to frustrate the results. So there is a desperate cry that the Lord of the harvest will intervene to help the saints in Hamilton and St. Catharines and the churches in the surrounding area to rise up to meet the need to shepherd all these desiring more contact.  Oh Lord, send your Spirit to supply these desiring follow-up and call the saints in southern Ontario to come forward to meet this great need.

Other Cities

The need for follow-up is crucial in all the cities, around the world, where the gospel teams have laboured. The Lord has blessed us with fruit abundant, but now we must rise up in prayer to intercede as Isaiah 45:11 tells we should:

Thus says Jehovah, The Holy One of Israel and the One who formed him, Ask Me about the things to come concerning My sons, And concerning the work of My hands, command Me.

Dear Lord, from our hearts we ask, what about all these who wish more contact? Lord in all reverence, we command you to release the labourers who can shepherd these dear new believers and seeking Christians,  to keep and keep them.

Please read the details in the latest report: Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 12 – Feb 7, 2013 (1)

The Challenge Ahead

Praying for the Care of the Seeking Ones

Reminded of What Produced These Results

Wonderful reports keep coming in from teams from around the world. (See below for report #11)  But as we draw near the end of this two-week gospel outreach, we are reminded that the blessings we have seen are directly related to prayer. Many saints in His Body have been praying day and night for many weeks, even months, before this time of sowing the seed of the gospel began. The results have been above what we have asked or thought.

Persevere to Pray

Now, however, we should be reminded that the ongoing care of all these newly saved ones and seeking believers will depend, just as much, on prayer. This prayer must be offered up despite the fact that reports will be less frequent and the follow-up less dramatic. We must persevere in our prayers, not losing heart. Luke 18:1 And He told them a parable to the end that they ought always to pray and not lose heart,

We should pray knowing that prayers, that are according to His will, are doing good and will eventually, in His timing, produce a harvest. Galatians 6:9 And let us not lose heart in doing what is good, for in the proper season we will reap if we do not faint.  2 Thessalonians 3:13 But you, brothers, do not lose heart in doing good.

Gospel Trips and Prayer Burdens 11 – Feb 6, 2013

Oh the Joy of Being Part of His Move

The Lord Sacrificed Himself for Her – His Future Bride, the Church

I thought this time, before you read the latest report on the Lord’s Move, you might enjoy this video with scenes, from all over the earth, of preaching the gospel, baptizing newly saved ones, shepherding and perfecting new believers, breaking of bread meetings, prayer meetings, home gatherings, community children’s meetings, youth retreats, church meetings, conferences and gospel marches.

Nothing Can Stop Our God (and His Saints)Until He is Done

See the latest report with many accounts from North America. Enjoy how one team even took advantage of bad weather and poor driving conditions to share the Lord. Read about the many follow-up appointments the team members had and the encouraging results.   Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 10 – Feb 5, 2013 (1)

Please, keep praying for the seeking ones being met and for the team members who are pouring themselves out for God’s move.

Christ is So Enjoyable, To us He’s So Available!

Saturday, Feb.2, 2013

Praise the Lord for what He has done in Hamilton and St. Catharines. After a full week of labour the gospel team joined local saints on Saturday to enjoy the Word and pray corporately. This was followed by some fellowship to report on the appointments and contacts made from the past week. In the afternoon, the saints from St. Catharines took the team members out for lunch and a tour of Niagara Falls. In the evening, there was a young people’s meeting and the trainees gave their testimonies.

Lord’s Day, Feb.3, 2013

This past Lord’s day, saints from both Hamilton and St.Catharines were joined by saints from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Guelph, Kitchener, Long Beach, CA and Amherst, NY for a wonderful time of blending and fellowship while they enjoyed the Lord’s Table. This was followed the prophesying meeting; this was a sweet expression of local saints sharing on the aspiration to be the overcomers, to be the Nazarites of today, and the need of prayer and to be joined to the Word. What a privilege that we can be used by God to turn the age!

ltm group picture

Prayer Burdens

We are so burdened that the young people in Hamilton and St Catharines will have an aspiration to go to the full-time training; that the saints in Ontario will be strengthened to be absolutely consecrated ones, separated unto God; men of prayer with an excellent spirit; and that the enemy would be bound while we are distributing Bibles and preaching the gospel at Brock University and Niagara College.

More on the UK, France, India and South America

Lift Up Your Eyes…the Fields are White for Harvest

Less Than 2.5% in India

The report from India is quite touching; the need is so great. Out of 1.2 billion people less than 2.5% of the population is nominally Christian.  Most of them are concentrated in only a few areas of this vast country. O Lord send out the workers to co-labour with you to reap a great harvest.

Situation in Europe

While outwardly Europe is “Christianized” the fact is that that continent is suffering from a great spiritual famine and drought.  It, too, is in great need of workers to go out and declare the glorious news of the unsearchable rich Christ who wants to be our heavenly bread and the living water.

More Accounts

Read more about what is happening in South America and the US,  as well as India and Europe, in the following report: Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 9 – Feb 4, 2013

Eighth Day of Good News

Cities Gained for God

The Sound of Joy

Listen to the names of all these places!

  • From India: Chandigarh and Gurgaon
  • From Brazil: Sumare, Sao PaoloGoiania and Brasilia
  • Form Chile: Collipulli, Victoria, Padre Las Casas,  Temuco and Traigen
  • From Bolivia: Cochabamba and Santa Cruz
  • From Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • From Sweden: Stockholm and Vallentuna
  • From Spain:  Malaga
  • From the UK: Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Cambridge and London
  • From Germany: Dusselfdorff and Bochum
  • From Franc: Lyon and Paris
  • From U.S & Canada: Stillwater, OK; Lubbock, TX; Hamilton, ON; Greeley, CO; and Grand Rapids, MI.

What do all these place names sound like to you? To me, they are the sound of joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Why? Because the Lord is moving in all these places. He is gaining for Himself a people who love Him and wish to be His testimony in all these places.

Read for yourself the details of what He is doing in the following report:

Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 8 – Feb 3, 2013

Keep Praying

But, as wonderful as all these reports are, don’t forget to do what we are all called to do: PRAY.

Pray for the teams. Pray for the people being contacted. Pray for the follow-up appointments. Pray for all the practical and logistical matters. Pray that God gets the glory and that the evil one be shamed and utterly driven back from all these places.

St.Catharines’ Fairview Mall

Going to the Community

After three days  on the campuses in Hamilton, the Team had a chance to spend time with the community at Fairview Mall, in St. Catharines.

Glimpses of the City of  St. Catharines

If you have never been to St. Catharines, you might enjoy these photos of different places there!

Steady as she goes

We had a steady flow of traffic at the Bibles for Canada table at Fairview Mall yesterday with over 40 Bibles distributed. Over 15 people wanted more contact including older couples and young families and students. We were most encouraged.

A Few Scenes




Wonderful Reports Keep Coming In

First Full Week Sharing the Gospel & Distributing Bibles

The 7th Report on Glad Tidings from Around the World

Again we see the Lord’s marvelous hand at work in some many cities around the world. I am reminded of Ezekiel 36:37, where God says

Thus says the Lord Jehovah, Moreover for this I will be inquired of by the house of Israel to do it for them; I will increase them with men like a flock.

God is waiting to bless us with abundant fruit, but He requires that we inquire of Him. Let us join together for the coming week to inquire of the Lord, that He would bless this gospel move throughout the earth.

Please read the latest report: Gospel Trip Report and Prayer Burdens 7 – Feb 1, 2013

A Special Report From Team France


The France team arrived in Paris very early Thursday morning and we began an eventful day of coordination and packing Bibles for distribution with some local serving ones. We then proceeded to make our way through the public transportation system with our luggage and about 480 Bibles in tow. Yes, there were many flights of stairs involved! In the evening we went to a college home meeting which was very sweet.

Today, after meeting for coordination we went to La Sorbonne University for Bible distribution. We realized that the enemy does not like that we are here. We gave away a handful of bibles but we had to end early due to the unfavourable weather which was deterring students from visiting the table. We did, however, have some good conversations with a few who were willing to get a little wet. In the evening we continued blending with the local saints at a little home meeting. 

We can’t help but see the emptiness of the people in this God-less country, and we are all freshly burdened that many would come to know the Lord. Despite the apparent lack of openness in this city, we praise the God of peace who will crush Satan under our feet shortly! We go out for distribution again tomorrow, so please pray for this time. It really is a spiritual warfare so please pray to bind the enemy’s attacks and that the Lord would cover the weather so that the Word can go out to many seeking ones. 

Thank you for your prayers,
Team France
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